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AMITIS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Company is active in the field of casting aluminum parts and one of its basic and main goal is satisfaction of customers   inside and outside the organization.

All the company's activities are summarized in the following three principles: 

 1. Increase customer satisfaction (human resources trained)

2. Increase customer satisfaction (increased circulation of output )

3. Increased customer satisfaction (continuous improvement)

Therefore the company's management has developed the following programs in order to achieve these goals:

  •  establishment of quality assurance system based on ISO/TS 16949: 2009   standard .
  • To make an organized education in all fields Which enhances the performance, efficiency and creativity of the human resources( Which are the most valuable organization capital).As well as evaluate the effectiveness of training,Which will develop quality culture And stabilizes the activities on the basis of teamwork in the organization.
  • trying to increase product circulation & promote level of staff, which causes continual improvement in the organization. And are the company's principles. And ultimately leads to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Since the public participation is the only way to deal with competitors, management tries to attract public participation staff; with all its might.
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