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In the area of ​​Weber's mission by mission the following elements can be noted :   


 Product Areas:                                                                                                                          

Now: Current products include car parts cylinder, brake and clutch (for Saipa).                      

The future:

● Brake systems and other automotive  products.

● Cooperation with other automobile Countries.

Manufacturing non-automotive products According to the technology used in the production line.


Market Areas:     

Now: Working with customers who are in the field.

The future : Working with a professional team to develop the market area And Using the experience of external experts in the field.


 Geographic area:

  Now: manufacturing required parts to Company and having activity in Khorasan province

The future : Cooperation with other companies in the whole country and if possible exports to the Middle East and Europe


Special competencies:


●The required expertise in mold design has to be considered specialized in designing templates ;within the organization

●Responsiveness and quickness in production according to the standard required by the customer

 The future : Optimization of quality melt and heat treatment in global standard class


Technology :

 Now: Designing foundry units which has reduced waste in compare with other competitors

 The future :

 ● robotic production  in casting line (removal of manpower in the airdrop)

 ● automation of heat treatment devices

 ● automation casting furnaces

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